Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Doughnuts,a Bull and a Campout Supper

It's Wednesday and I think it's Monday.  I'm so confused.

Monday was Family Day and yesterday was a snow day.  Only it didn't snow.  It rained.  a lot.  and now the yard is 'a bottle'.  That's what my Grandma would say.  'The yard is a bottle.'  Terry told me not to go up to the henhouse this morning....he said that he would look after it.  It's all ice.  Only it's ice covered in water.  Extra great.

On a whim I applied to The Great Canadian Baking Show....

and they called me!  I need to go to an audition in Toronto in March sometime.  I don't know the details really....but a weekend away in the Big Smoke will be fun...even though I don't even know how I will get there.

My cousin encouraged me to apply.....I really didn't have any idea what I was getting into as I haven't even watched the show!  I don't watch TV at all.

So the other night I figured I better have a look online at this show and see what it's all about.  And then I sort of panicked because they were making things that I had never heard of!  I've baked a lot of things but there are a lot of things that I haven't baked.

With the snowday yesterday I thought I'd make some doughnuts with the girls.  That's something that I've never tried.....mostly because I'm terrified of a big pot of hot grease.  But it all worked out and they were sooooo yummy!

I've spent the last two weeks trying to help out with a bull riding dance.  Terry is on the Renfrew Fair board and he had this idea for a fundraiser....a dance with a mechanical bull.  I made up the poster for the event...

I decided that it should have a photo booth.  So I made all these props....all with the cowboy theme....cowboy hats, moustaches, a beard, guns, a sheriff badge, a set of lips and all those speech bubbles with things like 'YEEHAW' and 'This Ain't my First Rodeo'.  Then I made this huge 'WANTED' sign that people could stand in and take their photo.

It was great fun!  We had a DJ and served chili and hotdogs.....but that bull really whipped me off quick!

We celebrated Family Day on Sunday with friends in the bush.  It was a beautiful day with sleigh rides and campfire food.

Our MacGyver Bush Guy friend decided to start a fire inside a log to make us supper.

It was slow going at the start and we were beginning to doubt that the steak would be served....

but he pulled through for us. 

The pan of beef and onions was empty in a matter of seconds....even though he jokingly told us it was coyote meat! DELISH! Thanks Scott!


Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Speeches and Poopy Receipts.

It's speech time.  Both Sophie and Lydia wrote about 4-H this year because I couldn't think of a better topic....or even two different topics!  They both wrote their own speeches and it was all going well until Lydia decided that she wants to say her speech in the gym and try to go to the competition at the Legion.

Seriously?  Really?  that's a whole lot of extra stress.

So I had a look at her speech and every paragraph ended with 'and lots more things'...or 'and more!'

I told her that she actually had to tell us what the more things were....and she wasn't interested in that.

She told me that she wanted to type it and she could do it herself.

So the next thing I knew she was talking to the laptop.  She had turned on the microphone feature on google and was getting the computer to type it for her.  Only it was bad.  There were sentences that said "Her name is Ricky." and "Cloverbuns are for ages 628."

It was a mess.

I gave in and told her that I would type it.  And then we ended up sitting together and adding a bunch of stuff and explaining all the 'and mores'.

She told me that she knew why I was such a good was because I played the piano.  I told her that actually was because I took two typing classes in high school and it has nothing to do with playing the piano.

And her speech is now over 5 minutes long.  It's too long.

She said it would all be fine...she'd just read it really fast.

Whatever.  I gave up.

It was late and time for bed.  She said lets just go now and pray that I don't get in trouble tomorrow at school because we weren't suppose to let anyone help us write our speeches.

I should have never changed any of it.

It's snowing pretty good here today.

I'm still working on the farmbooks.  Some receipts are poopy than others.

Poop.  It's the story of my life.  It's everywhere.

And Terry is wearing his favourite long johns with a hint of diesel fuel.

That's all.


Monday, 5 February 2018

Elsa and Diesel Fuel

A friend asked me to make an Elsa cake for her daughter's birthday.  Of course I searched Pinterest and there was lots of ideas there.  I needed something simple.  easy.  

I had the idea in my head....I just needed a little Elsa figure so I went to the dollar store and there was none to be found.  I bought a strip of tiles that had Elsa on them.  Only they weren't really tiles.  It was just a thick sticker.  There is no way it would actually work as a tile on a wall with water contact.  It was a useless Elsa tile that was really meant to be on my Elsa cake.  So I cut out Elsa and stuck it onto a piece of bristol board and then glued a dowel rod behind it so I could stick it in the cake.

Pinterest had Elsa cakes with faux glass all sticking of the cake around Elsa and when I searched to see how to make that glass I realized that it was just too hard....and it sometimes doesn't even work....and you need a candy thermometer....and it's all too complicated and I don't have time for that.  But I liked the effect of it all.

So I bought some blue and white candy melts and melted them and put them out on parchment and swirled them a bit and sprinkled some round white and silver sprinkles on them.  I let it harden and then broke it up into pieces that would look like glass mountains.  And I shoved those into the cake.

TA DA.....

In other news Terry spilt diesel fuel all over his pants this morning.  It soaked through into his favourite long johns.  His world was shattered.

He threw the pants outside and then put the long johns into the washer....even though I told him that the smell will not come out.  Then he added his coat and toque and he was thinking of going out and getting the pants and putting them in the washer machine too.  I told him that the diesel would still be there even if I washed them.  And one day he would go out to the furnace and a spark would light his pants on fire and he would have a burnt leg and I would have a whole lot of please just leave the pants outside.  And he did.


Friday, 2 February 2018

One Second Everyday January

Happy Friday!

Happy Groundhog Day!

I haven't seen much of the sun in the last month....I was really missing it....and suddenly it appeared this morning.  Just for Groundhog Day!  And if a groundhog was to come out he would have seen his shadow here.  Only I didn't see any groundhogs.  But I know for certain that there are 6 more weeks of winter.  Because there always is. every year.  Whether the sun is out or not.  It's winter and it's February.  I have never understood this Groundhog Day thing.  As if winter is not going to happen?


So this is our second everyday.  Only some days I posted twice and some days it was 1.5 seconds.  But whatever....

And our internet is extremely slow and it makes blogging really hard.


Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mama Tried

It's been an interesting week.

Monday turned out to be a Monday.

and then Tuesday turned out to be a Tuesday.

and tomorrow will be a rude awakening because they will be back to school.

Yes....2 snowdays in a row!  We actually didn't get a great amount of snow but we got freezing rain last night so that shut things down for today.

I painted this canvas sign on the weekend.

It's the motto of my life.

I have this written on the chalkboard in the living room for the month.

It pretty much sums things up for me too.

Lydia was doing something with her ears the other day and Terry told her not to do that because her ears would stay like that.  She said THAT'S NOT TRUE.

Then she told us that Jack told her once that if she didn't be quiet that she would soon run out of words and she wouldn't be able to talk anymore.  She said that she didn't believe him....but she wanted to double check with us.

Now that's something to think about.  Can you imagine if we only had so many words and then once we maxed out our amount that that would be it and we wouldn't be able to say anymore?

It sure would make you think before you speak!

We told her that she could talk all she wanted....and she talks a lot!

And how does Jack think up these ideas?....she must have been driving him crazy!


Friday, 19 January 2018


Do we eat our own beef?  Lots of people that stay at the farmhouse ask me this.

Yes.  We eat our own beef and lamb and chicken and eggs.  We also grow a big garden.  We like to feed ourselves.

Usually we set one beef aside every year and have it killed at the local meat shop.  Because of lots of regulations it's not as easy as it was 20 years ago.  We don't have a cattle trailer so we have to arrange for someone to come and get it and take it there.  We need to think ahead.  You have to have an appointment for your animal....and it's sometimes months in advance.

So in December we were low on beef in the freezer and we had one 'ready to go' and the earliest appointment would be end of January.

Terry and the boys decided that they would kill and process it themselves.  We haven't done this in years.  YEARS.

The last time was when Johanna was maybe 4 years old and she was certain that she wanted to be a doctor and she went out to watch all the goings on and she came back in the house and said I THINK I JUST WANT TO BE A CHECK UP DOCTOR.

She is now in her second year of nursing!

So anyways....they killed it one day and then let it hang for a couple of weeks.  The weather was perfect.

And then we had some friends over to help with the cutting and wrapping.  And it was a whole bunch of guys in the garage having a party.  They set up the cast iron frying pan on a burner out there and they were frying smoked sausage and beef....and I don't know what else.  I stayed inside and just kept getting them whatever they needed.

My biggest concern was how we were going to get it all frozen.  The meat shop has huge walk in freezers and we don't.  But the weather was perfect.  We had extreme cold North Pole weather for days and we put half of the beef in the trunk of my car and half in Grady's car and it froze up perfect.  Grady didn't even actually know that he was driving around with all that beef for a week or more!

Now it is all in the freezer.  It is yummy.

I got out a roast the other night and I had to laugh.  When the meat shop packages it, it's all labelled with the different roast, sirloin tip, eye of round etc.  I know how to cook it by what it is on the label.  But this time it's a little different.  This is how it's labelled.....


And the ground beef is labelled 'Burger'.

I know they had a pretty good time that evening in the garage.  It will be interesting to see what other labels I find in there!


Thursday, 18 January 2018

A Family Sign and a Tuesday.

What a week!

I went to a Sip + Sign fundraiser on Monday night.  I came home with a beautiful family sign!

On Tuesday morning I did up the breakfast dishes and was thinking that I had a couple of hours before I had to take Grady into the city to get his wisdom teeth out.  I have this little voice in my head a lot.  It's either my Guardian Angel or God Himself.  I'm not sure.  But I was told to look at all those papers on top of the fridge....and at first I was going to walk away and go and clean the toilet....but the little voice told me to get a kitchen chair and look at all the papers up there.

So I gave in and I did.  And when I saw a paper at the back I started to panic.  It was a form that I had got in the mail during the Christmas holidays.  It was a notice that Jack needs a needle or he will be expelled from school.  I had completely forgotten about it.  I didn't write it on the calendar because it was December at the time and we didn't have the new calendar on the fridge for January yet.  I was trying to find the date on the form....JANUARY 16th....and then I looked at the was indeed January 16th...TODAY.  Jack was suppose to be at school.

Jack usually goes to a co-op for the another farm....but he had all his hours for the semester finished and because Grady was going to be away for most of the day getting his teeth was decided that Jack would stay home and do chores here.  He was outside somewhere feeding round bales...possibly over at the other farm.  I called and texted him but he wasn't answering.

I called the school and they said that the nurse was there giving needles....she would probably be there for another hour.

I started the car, cleaned off the snow....and then I saw the tractor.  I took off for the barnyard and Jack thought I was being extra nice opening a closing the gate for him....until he saw the look on my face.  He opened the tractor door and over the noise I screamed WE HAVE TO GO THE SCHOOL NOW YOU NEED TO GET A NEEDLE.  He was stunned.  A needle.  Right now?  You're kidding right?  Can I change my boots?

Yes.  but move it.  We have to go.

I take him to the school and I'm the only Mom in line with their kid.  And the nurse was wondering why...and why is he not in school....and he's in farm clothes??

It's all too complicated.  Just give him the needle.  I have to go to Ottawa.

I get Jack home and have time to just make a piece of toast with peanut butter.  I'm thinking it doesn't matter....I can eat while Grady's in surgery.

But they tell me that I have to stay in the building....I can't leave.

By the time that Grady is done it's late afternoon.  He's drugged and not impressed.

He gets released out the backdoor....because they always put you out the backdoor when it's the wisdom teeth....and as we drive away he's says that he needs something to eat.  He was serious.  He was so hungry.  He hadn't eaten or drank anything since he got up at 3:30am to go down to work at the milk barn.

I was so hungry too!  But I told him that really we couldn't go and get something to eat.

And he was less than impressed.