Thursday, 20 November 2014


I turned 40 this past weekend.

The BIG 4-0.

I'm not a big celebrator of birthdays.  They asked me what I wanted to do.

Nothing I said.  And I meant it.

Word got out before Mass that it was my birthday....and it just so happened that I was a catechist after Mass with the First Reconciliation/First Communion group.  So I had seventeen 7 year olds sing "Happy Birthday" to me....Sophie included.  It was actually quite adorable.

We went out for supper to the Ag hall where the Ag Society was serving a turkey dinner.  No one there knew it was my birthday.  It was perfect.

When we got back home, my Mom and Dad brought over a cake.  They sang.  We ate.  It was perfect.

Then I snuggled into bed and read a book.  It was perfect.

But turning 40 has made me think a little.  It feels like it's a beginning.  I've spent the last 16 years raising my children....and I still am....and they will always be my priority.  But they are growing up and I am finding that I now have more time to find out who I am and what I want to do next.

It's exciting and I'm making plans.

40 feels good.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Some snow

It snowed yesterday.

There is something about the first snowfall that just doesn't get old.

It's magical.

And the kids just get so crazy excited.

I love it.

After Sophie got home from school, they played until dark.  And then they didn't want to come in when it was dark.  Lydia was afraid that the snow would melt overnight....and that that would be the end of all the fun.

But it didn't melt.

And now the wind it howling today.

And it feels like winter.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

Chores with Lydia

Jack decided that he needed a few days off....for hunting...with his uncles. 

I thought that was a good idea.

So, it's just been me and Lydia.

Yesterday we went into town for groceries....but we also had to buy some more loom elastics and some golden nail polish....because it will match her hair. 

We also had to buy popsicles.  I don't understand how she can eat popsicles in November.

She really enjoys doing all the chores with just me....because usually Jack does some and I do some and she can't decide who to go with.  But when it's just her and me....she gets to do all the chores.

We watered and fed the sheep first.

There are three ewes separated with a ram in a pen of their own right now.  They need to be bred their lambs will be the right size for showing at the fairs next year.  Jack has this all organized....I don't ask any questions.  He knows all things sheep.

The rest are free to eat at the feeder and go in and out of the barn.

Lydia showed me where Jack keeps all the twines off of the bales.  I'm always tripping over those if they are left lying around.

Then we were off to feed and water the hens.  We have them all staying the log barn for the winter.

Jack made this new roost for them a couple of days ago.  They are quite comfortable.

Lydia insisted on filling the pail with feed.

Then we had to throw out some hay to the calves that were just weaned.

They were happy to see us.  Lydia is always trying to pet them on their heads while they eat.  She was telling me that the black and white one is her favourite and her name is "Daisy".

But Daisy didn't want all the attention....and she kept stepping back.....all she wanted was breakfast.

Then we fed the horses and filled the furnace with's cold and windy today. 

"There was a skift of snow on the ground the smorning."

She has made some plans for today.....we will be shooting hoops, reading books and baking.

Sounds good.


Monday, 10 November 2014

A typical afternoon....

Just a typical afternoon here.....

I have no idea why he crows all day long.

He just walks around and crows.....

But, honestly, we don't even notice the noise anymore.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

Buck Head Cookies

I 'flooded' cookies for the first time last night.

It was harder than I thought....I little too much messing around for my liking.

I did a stiffer royal icing for the outside circle and then a runnier royal icing for the flooding part.

I waited a little bit before I placed the buck head on.  I had made them a day ahead with dark chocolate melting wafers.

But they turned out good enough...for my first go at it.

The kids wanted to eat them all but I decided to give away a few on my Facebook page.  It's called 'The Farmer's Fork'....and you can find it here.

I think they would make great wedding favours for a hunting couple.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Unwanted Rooster

On Monday morning, my neighbour, Mary Alice, heard 'cock a doodle doo'.  Only she didn't have a rooster....or hens.

Somehow, overnight,  she became the owner of a lovely barred rock rooster.

She put out the bowl of cat food...for her cats....and he helped himself.  The cats were not impressed.

She called around and stopped by at the Mennonite neighbours to see if anyone was missing a rooster.

But no one was.

And she really didn't want him.

So we took over our dog cage...that we use for transporting hens....and he happily got himself trapped in it....and we moved him over our farm where we keep the hens.

Yesterday morning, Lydia and I went over to do the chores.  As I was carrying a pail of water up to the hen house, he followed us.....and then he ruffled up his feathers.....and he jumped at me.

I screamed and dropped the water and grabbed Lydia and ran.

Because he has a sharp beak and claws.  And I don't.

But I think I might have kicked him.

I'm really not sure because it all happened so fast.

Johanna taught her fiddle and step dancing lessons over at the house last night.  He perched himself in the hedge right beside the door and she met all her students with a broom.....just in case he got any crazy ideas.  Luckily, he behaved.

And this morning he was good too.  He did ruffle his feathers at me but I told him that I was the boss.....and we all got along just fine.

But I'm still going to watch my back.

Because he always seems to be watching ours....

He was the unwanted rooster....and I'm not too sure if I want him either.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Happy Farm Girls

The girls have a new favourite place to play outside.

They run up and down the rows of round bales that didn't fit in the barn.

They shout and fall and tag each other.

I don't know what games they play but it looks like fun.

And it keeps them busy until supper is ready.

Happy Farm Girls.