Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mother's Day, a Pail of Eggs and Planting

Sophie asked me on Saturday night what my favourite thing for breakfast was.  I told her fruit cereal.  It's really called Oatmeal Crisp.....Lydia prefers 'fruit cereal with no fruit'. Anyways...with Mother's Day the next day I knew that Sophie was planning something.  She also said "I know that you hate to sleep past 7...right Mom?"....and Johanna told her that she couldn't actually wake me up on Mother's Day!

I was hoping that it wouldn't be breakfast in bed.  They have never attempted that here.  And I'm glad because breakfast in bed just isn't my thing.

The morning alarms went off at 5am...the boys were thinking of going for a turkey hunt....but there was snow on the ground so they checked the cows and went back to bed.

Yes...snow.  Just a skift.  With a freezing cold wind.

I woke again at 6am...giggling downstairs...and I heard "DON'T PUT THE MILK ON IT YET!"

I doze back to sleep until 6:45am...and then I went downstairs.  Thankful that no one had brought the cereal up to me!....But wondering when the milk did go on my cereal.

The bowl was on the kitchen table.  With the milk in it.

Sophie so pleased...."There you go Mom.  Your breakfast!"

I thanked her and then asked how long the milk had been on it.

"Maybe about 5 minutes.  The milk should still be cold."

Perfect.  I added some All Bran on top....because fibre is good.....and I ate it.

No one collected the eggs in the hen house on Sunday because it was so cold it didn't matter anyway...and we were too busy with Mother's Day and visiting.

So yesterday morning I had about 40 eggs to collect.  I put them all in a pail and brought them safely into the kitchen.

Somehow I tripped...I think on my leg....and stepped right into the pail of eggs.....dumping the pail and making eggs roll across the kitchen floor.  My foot was covered in egg stuff.  It was all a disgusting mess.

I wanted to cry.  And the rest of my day was pretty much a mess...nothing seemed to go right.

But today I have been able to laugh about the eggs.  I think I'm probably the only person able to accomplish something so seriously ridiculous.

And now Terry is sort of having the day I had yesterday.  He cut himself on his hand early this morning.  He thinks he needs stitches....and I think so too.

But he says he really doesn't have time to go to the ER.

It's another planting day here. 

So I'm not only delivering food and water to the field...but bandages, gauze wrap and medical tape.

And hopefully he will go and get that stitched up when the sun goes down tonight.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lambs, Cakes, Kittens...

The lambs are all here!  Rosie was the last to lamb....she is still the favourite I believe.

This isn't Rosie....this is Stampy.....

We have a total of 39 this year....about 30 arrived in the span of 2 weeks.  This is excellent.  It shows that they were all bred in their first cycle....typical dinner conversation here.

They baaaaa a lot and run and play and sleep and watch the cars go by and get out under the fence.

They are lambs....they are perfect....but they are baaaaaaaaaaaaad!

We celebrated Confirmation in our parish last week.

And First Holy Communion with this little doll....I'm her Godmother!

Sophie gets up early in the morning and she writes on the easel with the dry erase marker.  And when I get up and come downstairs I smell this weird smell...and I sniff all over trying to figure out where it's coming from.  And I panic and start to unplug everything in the house.  And I honestly think that something is smoldering somewhere and the entire house is going to burn to the ground.  Of course Sophie is sitting eating her cereal at the kitchen table wondering what is wrong with me.  "I don't smell anything," she says.....looking at me like I've completely lost my mind.  And then finally someone will come downstairs with their brain turned on (usually Johanna) and tell me that it's the smell of the dry erase markers.  My brain is not on at that time.  I have done this a few times in the last month.  I do believe that different colours have different smells.  But I might be crazy.

We found these....

I filled out our Census online today.  We were given the long form.  That was one of the most difficult things I've had to endure.  I like to have fun with questionnaires....usually I lie on them.....when they are just from companies wanting to know stuff that they don't really need to know.  I get junk mail addressed to Dr. Dwyer!....and I drive a motorcycle!  I think it's because I studied questionnaires in my business marketing course....and we had to actually conduct one and tabulate the results.  And it was super boring.  So I think of those people tabulating the results and I give them a bit of a curve in their results.  Just for a wee bit of fun.

But I had to be serious today and fill that thing out proper.

And I made a butterscotch pie.


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It happened.

It happened.


The ball gloves, badminton rackets, bikes, soccer balls.....everything is out.

We had 3 sets of triplet lambs and one very large single born all within 24 hours the other day.  It was a wee bit of madness. 

Then another set of twins and a couple more singles arrived. 

It's funny how when she just lambs a single we look at her like....what's up with that?....a single?....do you not have another one in there?

But it's all good.

I thought my summer was all planned out.

I thought I was going to go to the Carp Farmers' Market to sell my pies and tarts.  I was wanting to  expand to a 'bigger' market as I have been at Eganville for a few years. 

Johanna was even going to make a summer job out of it too...she was going to sell her amazing buttercream filled cookies.

We both applied.

We both didn't get in.

We are a little disappointed.  and shocked.  and feeling a little lost.


Monday, 11 April 2016


The anticipation for it is killing us all.


And it happens every. single. year.

It's all we talk about.

It consumes us.


The need to feel warm.

When you go outside.


Where are you?

Honestly...it's not even odd for us to have snow in April.

And yes....the ground is white again this morning.

But it's just so annoying. 

Snow in April.

I don't even take pictures of it.....I just want it to go away.  Far. far. away.

The kids had a snow day last Thursday and then a PA day on Friday....so they were home for 4 days...and then we thought that today was going to be another snowday.  But it wasn't.  They ran those busses even with snow and a freezing rain warning.

I've been caking.

And making homemade soup.

But we'll soon get the bbq back out......I hope.

Waiting for warmth.....


Friday, 1 April 2016

April Fools

We've never been big on the April Fools jokes in this house.

Last night before I went to bed, I cut out a bunch of E's on brown paper.  I put them in my cake pan and covered it with foil and left it on the middle of the table.

This morning I asked the girls if they wanted a brownie on their lunch....motioning toward the pan.

Sophie peaked in and goaned.

"EVERYONE did that last year."

She was not pleased.

Lydia took a look and said "It's just a bunch of E's...you can't even eat them!"

I said....ya but they're BROWN E's.

She was less impressed when I told her what day it was.

Then I told her that she could take the whole pan with her to school and share her brown E's with the class....and she perked right up.

Apparently Lydia doesn't like being tricked....but she loves to be the trickster.

Happy April Fools' Day!

from this old woman....whose pranks are so last year.


Thursday, 31 March 2016


What a busy month!

We have over 30 new calves and 4 sets of twin lambs....

it's been many many nights of 'broken' sleep.

and snow!

The kids had another snow day last Thursday...giving them an extra long Easter weekend!

We sang the Alleluia's and dyed the eggs and ate the chocolate.

and pie.  so much pie.

I put '1 second everyday' app on my phone and this is our March...


In other news....Sophie and Lydia bought Jack's very old ipod from him.  They bought him 4 large cartons of chocolate milk in exchange for the ipod.  Fair deal I guess......I didn't even know he loved chocolate milk that much!  They texted me all the time now.  They are in the living room giggling and I'm in the kitchen.  It was nice for a bit....but then I gave them some other people's numbers to text because I really couldn't get my stuff done with all the texting.

And supper is kind of important here.

Lydia has lost both of her front teeth....and some other teeth on the bottom too.  She actually doesn't have very many teeth in her head right now....and her greatest fear is that her teeth will grow in as big as mine.  "They won't be as big as yours....will they?"

My teeth are pretty big....especially in the mouth of a 6 year old.  I'm really not sure what I did with my big teeth when I was her age.

I'm sure it will all work out.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Lego Friends Cake

I made this cake on the weekend.

It was for a 'Lego Friends' themed party.

They needed some Lego cookies for the guests as well....