Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Pre Prom Party

Last September, we were asked to host the Pre Prom Party for Grady's graduating class.  These kids have been planning this party all year.

And these two waited all day long for the party to finally start...

The cars and limos and party buses all started to arrive at about 4pm.  We fit as many as we could in the yard but the cars were lined all the way down the road as well.

These kids are loved.  Their families and Grandmas and friends all wanted to see them and celebrate with them on their special day.

They brought salads and appetizers and had ordered 65 pounds of beef to have on buns.  We ran out of beef...and plates!  I think there were over 400 people here!

They asked me to make a cake....and it disappeared rather quickly! 

Sophie served it and she couldn't get it to them quick enough.  She would just go out with the tray and turn around for a refill.  I overheard someone say "Where is the girl with the cake?"

Here is this sweet girl!...

The dresses were beautiful and the young lads cleaned up well...

Jack managed to come in from the field and bring the new tractor on scene for photos...

There were girls in beautiful dresses out in the field petting the bottle fed lambs and others were holding kittens.  I think everyone had a very wonderful, memorable day.

I'm especially loving my Facebook feed this week!  It's filled with photos of everyone enjoying themselves at our farm!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Aimy, for being my photographer for the day.  Much appreciated!

We are blessed.


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eggs come out of butts.'s JUNE!

wow.  It sure doesn't feel like it!  It's cold and damp.'s still raining.....

The garden is planted but it's very muddy and the tomato plants look like they've gone dormant. 

We still have two fields to plant but it's impossible to get it done with the ground this wet.  Not having the crop in by June is pretty much unheard of.

Wee bit of stress happening....for all the farmers in the area.

The farmhouse was booked up nicely for the summer until we recently got a few cancellations.  Lots of spots on the calendar now.

Come on over and I'll share my world with you.  We love meeting the city folk....and I especially love their questions.  A teenager came to stay with his family not long ago and he asked if he could eat an egg from the henhouse.  I said Yes of course!  Then he said...but it just came out of that chickens butt!  I said....actually all eggs come out of chickens butts.  He looked at me so serious and said....but I get my eggs at the grocery store.

Yes.  All eggs come out of butts.  That's just reality.  Eat the eggs.

So much to learn when you stay with us at the farmhouse!

I recently discovered the boomerang app.  It cracks me up.  We were baking with rhubarb and having a little fun....




And we got the meatbirds last week....


Ok...I'll stop now.  If you want to see more then find me on Instagram!

I've been jamming as many colours in the icing bag as I can and seeing what will happen when I make those swirly flowers....


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May madness....

What is it with May?  It was this time last year that I quit blogging....just didn't have time!  And here I go again....I'm behind!  May is madness.

The crop is going in.  The cattle are getting out on pasture.  Jack is shearing sheep.  We got the old garage tore down...and the playhouse moved over from our other place.  Johanna worked away at the mess in the field at the river today.  She brought several loads of driftwood to the burn pile.

I've been busy getting the garden planted and the farmhouse is busy again so there is lots of bedding and towels to wash. The hens have returned to the henhouse for our guests to enjoy. I've weaned Sugar off of bottles and put her out with the other sheep.  I still have a set of twins to bottle feed....3 times a day.

We've hosted 4-H meetings...for the sheep and beef clubs.

Lydia joined soccer and the blackflies are thick.

I painted our front door red...I just used the leftover barn it matches the barn door perfectly!

The kittens are eating cat food.

I will try to get back in the habit of taking photos of stuff but for now I've just got more cake pictures.....and cookies too...


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sugar thinks she's a dog....and the river is receding!

Sugar can't figure out what she is or where she belongs.

When we let her out to roam she thinks she's a dog.  She was following Grady and Ruby around one morning last week....

Yes....look at me....I'm a dog...and I'm doing chores.

Only she dilly dallies and doesn't keep up....

And they went in the barn to do chores and she didn't get to go...

Excuse me??  OPEN THE DOOR!  You forgot about ME!

I called her to come over to me and she came running.  She knows her name...she thinks she's a dog....

And then I took her down to be with the other sheep and lambs for the day. 

When I put her in with them I told her to go and make some friends.  But she just can't.  They sniff her and don't accept her.  She keeps to herself.

We have been blessed with sunshine the last two days!  I took a walk to the river and it's receding.  But we will have a clean up to do in the field....lots of debris....lots of garbage!

The river is still overflowing it's banks....and high and fast!  And it's suppose to start raining again tomorrow....


Monday, 8 May 2017

Rain, Snow and a Beautiful Day

It's May!  We had big plans for May....tear down an old garage, plant the fields, yard work, plant the garden, enjoy the warmth of spring....and the sun!  But no.  That's not happening.  It's been raining pretty much non stop for the last week.  It actually changed to snow yesterday and we got more today.  Big huge snowflakes.  Like it's a magical winter day.  Only it's May....and the snow pretty much sucks.  I've been painting trim and trying to organize this house a little better....everything still doesn't have a place since we moved here in December.

It's been a challenge with all this rain...there was so much mud in one of the areas where we had the new calves that we had to let them out with their moms into the's a little early for that....but there was a dangerous amount of mud and they just wouldn't thrive where they were.

We've been keeping an area in the sheep barn well bedded down with lots of straw but of course they insist on going outside in the field....and their lambs will follow them.  This morning I happened to look out and saw a ewe sleeping in the field with one of its lambs sound asleep on her back....I was thinking what a smart lamb!....sleeping up on her back instead of on the cold wet ground!  But then she woke up and abruptly stood up and the lamb quickly slid off her back and on to the had a rather rude awakening!  Poor little thing!

The rivers and lakes are bursting and so many have been flooded out.  It's a disaster area.  People have lost their houses and's really devastating.  The boys went to school today and filled sandbags.  Our country school has tremendous community spirit.....truly amazing!

We have a large field that runs along side the Bonnechere River.  We always put a little dock down there in the summer and last fall we forgot to bring it in!  We were just too busy with getting the house ready to move and all the regular chores that we forgot about the dock.  We thought of it when it was much too late and too frozen.  We had been keeping an eye on it this spring....the water took it and it went a little piece but then it got caught on something and the boys figured that we would be able to retrieve it.  Now that the river is so ridiculously high I asked them about the dock and they said that it actually came back down the river and is sitting in the field...about the spot where we would have put it if we had remembered to bring it in last fall!  Our field is part river right now but they figure that the dock probably won't move again.  Talk about luck!

Despite the snow and cold and flooding....we had a beautiful celebration yesterday......


Friday, 28 April 2017

A Profile and More Cakes!

It's been such a busy week!

Our internet connection has been crap lately.  It's nearly impossible to do anything online.

Johanna has been writing exams....she has her last one today!  There have been diagrams of brains and eyeballs and muscular systems all over the kitchen table.  Hard to believe that she is already done her first year of nursing.

I was honoured to be profiled by the Ag Women's Network. The post is here.

It was so gloomy and cloudy at the beginning of the week but now the sun has returned....the grass is getting really green....the clothes are drying nicely on the line....and it's starting to feel warm.  And that's so very good.
It's time for 1st Communions, bridal showers and summer parties....